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Happy Holidays from EPI

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season from all of us at Elite Productions International!

Fabulous Fireplaces

With all the cold weather during the holidays stay warm by making use of your fireplace! Here are some fireplace stunners that really make you want to cozy up around them and look amazing too.

Keep it sleek with an all glass fireplace.

Make a statement with a boldly colored chimney.

Carve out a space for the fireplace.

Opt for a cylindrical fireplace for a different spin on the traditional.

This fireplace acts as a room divider while giving the space an open feeling as well as a place a to enjoy.

Or fill your fireplace with logs for a focal point without the fire.

Bombay Saphire Revelation

Bombay Gin has inspired three names in luxury and design – Baccarat, Gurrard and karim Rashid – to create Revelation, limited to five handmade crystal bottles each individually decorated with sapphire and diamond.

Fabulous High Tech Designer Gifts for Home

Custom aquarium.
For those who follow Ayn Rand’s philosophy from “The Fountainhead,” this hand-crafted luxury aquarium designed and produced in the Netherlands, creates a very unique and contemporary look. The aquarium includes a built-in filter and contains approximately 10 gallons of water.

Magimix’s new Vision Toaster: What you see is what you get.
Transparency is a valuable trait even in design. Magimix’s new Vision Toaster now brings the sexy and see-through feel to the kitchen with its revolutionary design. The French toaster has made the process itself as delicious as it would taste by replacing the traditional metal components for a glass silhouette. The toaster uses revolutionary long-lasting quartz heating elements for even heat distribution for a perfect toast. The toaster can handle various sizes of bread, from the very thick to the very long.

Designer Radiators by Andrea Ramponi and Karim Rashid.
The unusual radiator designs by Andrea Ramponi and Karim Rashi…

Perpermint Treat

Use crushed peppermints as a special garnish to place your hors d'oeuvres on when you entertain!

Holiday Wreaths

This stone wreath by Janice Minor is a fun and unique interpretation of the traditional holiday wreath.

Pinecone wreaths are a festive idea and try out different shapes and configurations to jazz up the standard circle.

A sea shell wreath for beach themed decor - simply dressed up with a formal ribbon to change over for the holiday season.

Sequins add a little sparkle and shine to this wire wreath.

A wreath made of cinnamon sticks will fill your house with the holiday smell and look amazing!

La Purificadora

Check out this amazing Innovative Mexican hotelier Carlos Couturier’s latest project is an inland wonder, a former 19th-century water-purifying centrer next to the Iglesia de San Francisco in the colonial city of Puebla. Purity is the guiding principle of the hotel’s design as executed by renowned architects Ricardo Lego...rreta and his son Victor: black and white are the only colors, bringing out the subtleties of the materials used – stone from the original building, old wood, onyx and custom floor tile, as well as found materials such as bottles and glass fragments, which are also integrated in the hotel’s graphic design. But this minimalism shouldn’t be confused with lack of luxury: a roof terrace and 30-meter pool provide ample recreational opportunity, and the 26 guestrooms offer spectacular views of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A ground-floor restaurant, patio, library and extensive wine cellar offer civilized diversions, but La Purificadora's real…

Pink For the Holidays

A beautiful table setting like this one with simple additions of candles, mercury glass and silver garland can turn your existing white china into a holiday tablescape.

A simple silver chain garland turns this dining area to a lovely Christmas setup. Make your own with strips of silver paper and add them around your home for an easy and elegant decoration.

I love these vintage decorations placed in layered antique metal dishes as a focal point on the table. Look for pieces like these at thrift and vintage stores or at flea markets and combine them for fun and festive centerpiece.

Christmas, Santa Fe style.  Follow suit and throw in some dried chili peppers to spice things up in your decor this season.

Incorporate them into a natural wreath with different ornaments and pine cones for a fun accent! Using all vintage elements makes for a pretty in pink Christmas. Decorate your chandelier with ornaments, bring out a simple garland and intermix holiday elements to achieve this look. Vint…