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Earth Day Chic For The Home

Earthday is today and we're inspired by the eco-chic vibes this month. In honor of trying to keep our planet healthy all year round, here are some of the most beautiful Earth friendly decor for the home.

1. Trend Green- Recycled Polyester Textiles Trend Green is a division of Reid Witlin that was started in 2009 in an effort to become a leader in sustainable textiles. The line consists of 100% post-consumer recycled materials designed, woven and finished in the USA. All products in this line start at under $32. The fabrics come standard with NanoTex stain resistant finish. The products are stocked in Los Angeles and inherently pass NFPA 701, NFPA 260 and UFAC1.
2. Teragren Fine Bamboo Flooring Bamboo strands fused with a phenol-based adhesive form durable Teragren Synergy wide-plank floating flooring, ideal for high-traffic areas. Coated with a water-based, solvent-free finish and offered in java, wheat, chestnut, and brindle, the product earns LEED credit. 
3.Teknio- Conflux A comprehe…

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