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Holi- The Festival of Color

Our fabulous president, Lili Shadab found these amazing images taken of a celebration of this year's Holi festival in Vrindavan, India. Holi, the festival of color, is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon to welcome Spring in all her glory.Photographer, Maryam Rahmanian captured the magic beautifully at this celebration in Bankey Bihari Temple on March 21, 2011. Read more on UPI
Hindu devotees throw colored powder while celebrating 'Holi'

नमस्ते , EPI [Namaste]

The White Party was Miami Glammin'

After an amazing night of Rock n' Roll at the Rock n' Chic party the night before, guests were dazzled as they entered the completely transformed tent the next night for a Miami Glammin' White Party featuring Pitbull!
 We just had to have this incredible metallic gold bar!
The same mezzanine from the night before was wrapped in white, giving off the vibe of being a sexy night club.
Guests dressed head to toe in white underneath the sea of chandeliers.
Some gorgeous girls enjoying white cotton candy made by Tasty Clouds.
Our very own president designed all the floral arrangements.
Gorgeous white floral arrangements of phalaenopsis and other orchids in beautiful fabric covered vases.
Guests loved this lavish candy station by Candee by Sandee.
Guests sat and enjoyed Pitbull from these fabulous white banquets.
This event was so fun to design and produce. Pitbull was incredible, our client loved it and the guests all had an amazing night. What more could we ask for!


Rock N' Chic

Well, one of our biggest events of the year has now come to a close. This year we designed and managed two nights of of spectacular tented parties for a dear, long-time client. Here are the photos from the first night!
This evening was very much inspired by industrial-chic concepts. The raw wood floors were offset by glam lounge seating and touches of teal and purple.
Another very fun and never-seen-before touch was this mezzanine that scaled the center of our fabulous tent! People were able to walk up there and enjoy the performance by Joan Jett (!!!) and view the party from on high.
The bars were backdropped with these amazing raw wood 'starbursts' and, as always, all floral design was done by our very own president, Lili Shadab! 

The talented and beautiful DJs!
Guests could watch Joan Jett perform from the lounge seating and bar. 

And here is the whole EPI crew on our amazing media wall!
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