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Boscolo Exedra, Nice

We’re currently staying in Nice at the exquisite, five-star Boscolo Exedra hotel and today I met with the meeting and group director, Alexandra Gas, for a tour of this incredible venue to review its conference and event spaces. 

The Boscolo Exedra has a gorgeous meeting room with white and natural marble floors, art sculptures and full length doorways to the terrace. The space is exquisitely designed with very chic and comfortable chairs and is well equipped for meetings or small receptions. Multiple spaces in the hotel can be transformed into event spaces, such as the billiard room and the private dinning room with the world renown chef, Giuseppe Mandaradoni.

The avant-garde meeting areas are all incredible and were undeniably designed for sophisticated people who love fashion, art and luxury. The hotel offers you 140 m² of flexible space for prestigious meetings.
The elegant meeting rooms, illuminated by sunlight and well-equipped in all respects, can hold up to 150 people and host al…

From Paris to Shanghai

We are currently in Paris and loving every moment of being in this gorgeous city! The timing of our trip also coincides with an incredible project that Louis Vuitton is working on called From Paris to Shanghai. The design house is celebrating the opening of their 16th Maison worldwide in Shanghai's Plaza 66 along with the unveiling of their new collection, which we are absolutely head over heels in love with! It's a mixture of retro 40's-50's chic with ultra modern pieces and it's stunning.

The famous design house has chosen celebrity photographer Todd Selby (a.k.a. The Selby) to document the journey on the Louis Vuitton Express; a luxury train travelling from Paris to Shanghai.

Cheap Trick Party

Close to 2,000 guests attended this party that we designed, managed and produced for the multiple day events providing evening entertainment and reception for conference attendees at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel. The party took place in over 38,000 square feet of public parking space across from the Ritz, and a lot of planning went into this event that was inspired by the headline entertainment: Cheap Trick

The party was a wonderful throw back of old school rock with a retro twist! Black and white with pops of color, checkered accented backdrops and table runners reinforced the look. A mix of authentic retro furniture combined with modern pieces assisted in providing the late 60’s early 70’s feel. The simple color palette of black and white was enhanced with pops of orange and fuchsia color flowers. Additional pieces of furniture in green and blue were matched in lighting throughout.

CHEAP TRICK PARTY VENDORS: Photographer: Cynthia Halverson Bartenders 200 Proof Bartenders Entertainmen…

Black and Gold Party

We were asked to design, manage and produce the multiple day events providing evening entertainment and reception for conference attendees at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel. The goal was to create a look and feel that was different than what had been created in the past several years at the same venue.

This year the inspiration was to create a look that provided an indoor/outdoor setting allowing a larger  area for the guests and working with a large and upcoming trend of catering strictly with food trucks! A clear structure tent was selected to provide a feeling of openness. All existing trees that fell inside the tent and outside were enhanced with lighting to provide an expansive indoor/outdoor feel. Almost all openings of the tent on one end were left open to eliminate the barrier & division of space making the entire 25,000 square ft. space feel as one. String lights outside reflected into the tent and the surrounding trees were lit to bring the effect into the tent.
The space …