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Pops of Color

For the tented event we just did, we had so much fun creating the funky floral arrangements to go with our 'Punk Chic' look.  We used pops of bright colors (much like we did we the furniture and accessories for this event) and interesting textures to spice things up.

We're head over heels for these geometric containers that we used too! They're classic but edgy at the same time so it makes them very versatile.  There are so many different ways we could use them, but we hope you enjoyed this one example!

Pretty Pastels

Pastels are a classic color theme for Spring and Easter. We came across this beautiful pastel table-scape and thought we'd share it with you for some inspiration!

Subtle colored glassware adds another dimension to the color theme without being over the top or kitschy.  Anywhere you can, add another layer to your look to enhance the overall feel and make it more cohesive.

Using napkins and menu cards to create layers is a great alternative to using chargers if you don't have the budget fo them.  Floating candles a re a great touch even during the day or for a morning brunch. You don't have to light them to enjoy them as part of your arrangement.

Eggshell Vase

Here's a fun little DIY project for Easter that we came across-eggshell vases! Great for the upcoming Easter holiday!

Just poke a hole in the top of an egg, empty (to make a delicious omelet!), affix a small mirror to the bottom with wax from a candle, fill with water and place the flower of your choice inside!

Punk Chic

We're so excited to show you some pictures from the exciting tented event we just finished.  Taking the punk staple of black and white checker board and mixing it with other black and white patterns as well as pops of vibrant color created a fun a fabulous event space! The vibrant colors helped bring warmth and life to the environment and the black and white graphic elements gave it that punk edge.

Using a clear tent, we created a indoor/outdoor space that flowed seamlessly together.  We used lighting not only functionally but also incorporated it as a design element throughout the space.  We had so much fun with it and can't wait to show you more pictures from the second night! Stay tuned!

We'd like to give a special thanks to Nadine Froger for taking such amazing photographs of the event!

Trend Alert

We're bringing a little bit of neon to brighten up your day because we've been seeing a lot of it! Today's neon hue is chartreuse. We are loving this vibrant color right now! You can wear it, use it in your home and create a fabulous event around it.  It's great all year 'round too! It works as part of a color theme for the recently passed St. Patrick's Day, Easter, any day in summer and even as an unexpected color for Christmas! You can use just a pop of this eye catching color or saturate your color scheme with it!

It's just such a fun color to play with!


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We've been nominated for the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award!

We've been nominated by the Orange County Business Journal for the 2012 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award. The ceremony takes place at noon today at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine. We're very honored to be nominated for this prestigious award that is designed to recognize individuals who exemplify the American entrepreneurial spirit — individuals who, by their creativity and determination, have established and nurtured successful business ventures.

The Orange County Business Journal says that entrepreneurs are a powerful economic force, especially in a down market, and that more than half of the companies on the 2009 Fortune 500 list were launched during a recession or bear market, pointing to the fact that new firms generate jobs and promote growth in the economy. They also state that this is the perfect opportunity to recognize clients or business associates who have distinguished themselves by their foresight, determination and accomplishments.

We're very proud to have…

Blood Orange & Orange

We're bringing you a little bit of sunny inspiration this drizzly day! Keeping color schemes pretty monochromic is a simple and classy way to keep a look cohesive instead of a theme.  We're loving this blood orange and orange with a little bit of ivory and tan as a neutral base. 

1 - One Charming Party (Photo: Nicole Hill Gerulat), 2 - The Collection Event Studio, 3 - Luna Bazaar (Photo:Cliff Brunk), 4 - Leela Cyd, 5 - Martha Stewart via Butterflyfood, 6 - Martha Stewart, 7 - Leela Cyd

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