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Happy Valentine's Day!



Valentine's Day has a lot of hype and you often feel like you have to go over the top in making a grand romantic gesture, but a casual picnic can be just as romantic and much more fun!!

Plan ahead for the essentials: drinks, sandwiches and blanket, then jump on your bikes and your off!

You can add as much detail as you want (or as much as you have time for)! You can pick a spot a head of time and set up a little bit of decorations such as a garland with photos of you and your honey, or only bring what you can carry and make an adventure out of it.

Enjoy your plans this Valentine's Day no matter what they are!
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Yellow and Coral

Yellow and coral are a great color combination for a special dinner for two or a group of your closest friends this Valentine's Day.  It's fun and little bit of an unexpected turn from your traditional pink, red and white.

You don't need much to make it feel special, just a few elements with each color to tie it all together.

If you don't have flatware in the color you've chosen you can just paint the handles (or for something a little less permanent, just wrap the handles in the colored tape of your choice). Make your own Valentine's Day card or dinner menu to color coordinate with your theme as well to add another layer.

Those votives are fun and easy! Just clean off any clear glass jars you have (mason jars or empty sauce jars) and let the paint drips do the work for you!

Hope you're inspired and have some great ideas for your Valentine's Day!

A Special Valentine's Day Sparkle

Valentine's Day is upon us and we wanted to bring you a little bit of love this time of year with a photo shoot we did with a little sparkle and shine!!

Nothing adds a little pizzazz like a pink sequined linen! You can't go wrong when you start out with such a beautiful foundation for a table setting.  We found those lovely flower graphic plates and used our own purple glass chargers that match the dessert plates.  For name tags we took a que from the plates and re-created a similar graphic.
Picking up on the sparkle of the sequined linen, we grabbed some of our metallic silver containers for centerpieces.  Continuing with the shine, we found fabulous jeweled candles, mirrored candle sticks, silver napkin ring, silver mercury glass votives and used our fabulous mirrored side table!  With all that sparkle make sure that you let the light in!  Natural light is always preferable, so set up outside or open up those windows!

The pink didn't stop with the linen either: we used …